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Providing financing for your students just got easier.

Tuition financing programs increase enrollments and revenue, improve student satisfaction, decrease drop-outs,  and reduce late tuition payments. 


Don't lose students. Gain new Ones.

Our tuition financing programs offer a simple way to increase revenue, reduce drop-outs, reach students that may otherwise be unable to benefit from your training, and grow your business. Our programs offer:

  • Low cost to you

  • Easy set-up & approvals

  • No risk to your business

  • Based in the cloud

  • More approvals/fewer declines

  • Multiple banks participating

  • Quick funding

  • Instant approvals

As easy as...


Find the right program for you

We will review our student tuition financing programs with you and jointly determine which one best fits your needs. This will be based on your monthly sales volume, growth criteria, business stability, and other qualification criteria. There are basic requirements that will need to be fulfilled in order to become a client.


Agreement and set up

Once your application is approved and a financing program is selected, we establish a joint agreement that outlines the partnership.

Set up time is usually 3-5 business days and is 100% paperless. And you will receive brochures that you can offer to your students with step-by-step instructions on what they need to do. 


Get your personalized landing page

We will set you up with your very own landing page, through which students will access the application portal. They can do this on their mobile device or in the privacy of their own home. Once approved, they will deal directly with the lender to complete all paperwork and supply any required documentation. 

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  • Funds are sent directly to the student

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  • None

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  • Students can leverage multiple lenders that loan down to a 580 credit score

  • Applicants  receive instant pre-approval and funding within 48 hours

  • Interest rates starting at 7.99%

  • Borrower may pay origination fee, the average is 1% 

  • Student can check interest rate with no impact to credit score



  • Program rates (up to 3%)

  • Affordable subscription fees

Perfect for all trade and vocational schools, our financing program has no business requirements.


Step 1

Refer your student to your custom application page for loan approval

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